Rock Mechanics

GEO’s profound geotechnical experience and knowledge of rock mechanical properties are used to quantifying the properties of chalk and sandstone layers in Danish and foreign oil fields, in order to increase oil recovery. GEO has within the last 20 years carried out laboratory tests and research, which have been used in large and small projects related to:

  • Danish and Norwegian oil and gas fields (compaction and borehole stability studies)
  • Malmö Citytunnel and Copenhagen Cityring (tunnel design)
  • Various offshore windfarm projects in Denmark and abroad (strength and deformation of clay till, chalk, sandstone and shale)
  • The Great Belt Fixed link (Storebæltsbroen) and the Øresund Bridge (foundation design)
  • Properties of slag/dross and fly ash (various tests)
  • Airports in Greenland (tests on crushed stone, cyclic properties)


Thus, GEO has extensive experience concerning rock mechanics and we carry out advanced tests on rock or rock-like material. We design and conduct model tests according to the specific project and in close cooperation with our clients. Most tests may also be extended to include measurements of acoustic properties.  

Data from our laboratory tests are used to assess the strength of e.g fractured chalk or clay till in order to plan and design optimal foundation solutions in a specific project.
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HPHT-projects – High Pressure High Temperature

A consequence of the increasing oil prices is that deeper located reservoirs becomes profitable. However, the temperature and pressure increases with depth. HPHT-testing at GEO can determine the effect of high pressure and high temperature on reservoir rock – such as chalk, sandstone or shale.

GEO’s rock mechanical laboratory can determine strength and deformation properties of reservoir rock under realistic reservoir conditions at temperatures up to 180 oC.


Research and Development

GEO’s laboratory cooperates with a number of universities around the world, e.g. Stavanger, Liège and Stanford, as well as the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). 

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